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Business English 1 – Elementary

Business English 1 – Elementary is a comprehensive course in business English suitable for a wide range of learners at the Elementary level. The main emphasis is on enabling the students with helping them to communicate more effectively in their working lives.

Unlike many Business English courses, Business English Elementary addresses the language and communication needs of employees at the Elementary level of an organization who need to use English at work.

It recognizes that the business world is truly international and that many people working in a modern, global environment spend much of their time doing everyday tasks in English, communicating with colleagues and work contacts by phone, via email, and in a range of face-to-face situations such as formal and informal meetings/discussions, and various planned and unplanned social encounters.

Business English Elementary contains topics relevant to executive-level learners and helps the learners who ‘do business’ in English. The activities allow the students to participate in a way that is relevant to them, whatever their level in their company or organization.

Business English 1 – Elementary covers a variety of engaging topics over the twelve units, so students without much work experience will receive a wide-ranging overview of the business world, as well as acquiring the key communication skills they will need in their future working lives.

Business English Elementary helps students communicate in English in real-life work situations. The priority at all times is on enabling them to do so more effectively and with confidence.

Business English Elementary introduces key vocabulary in a variety of ways, including authentic reading texts, listening, and visuals. Students are also encouraged to find common collocates that will help them to expand their lexicon more rapidly.

Business English 1 – Elementary also focuses on broad communication methods e.g., presenting, telephoning, and negotiating. Moreover, the students will have some listening exercises (a meeting, a presentation, or a teleconference). They focus on key expressions used by the speakers which are listed on the page.

It also focuses on the key grammar underpinning the communication skills and it is reviewed from a communicative point of view.

In addition to that, the students practice speaking about the various useful aspects of everyday communication from a ‘how to’ perspective.


In Business English Elementary, most of the focus is on English language vocabularies and grammar in order to prepare the learners for different situations of the English language in an organized method.


You need to have a background knowledge of English at the A1 level.


You can read the details about >>CEFR<< in this article.



Targeted Audience for Business English Elementary


The learners who want to improve their English skills to work.

The learners who wish to work in an English-speaking society.

Adults over fifteen years old.

The learners who have future plans to immigrate and work in an English-speaking environment.


Business English 1 – Elementary is a comprehensive course designed to enhance workplace communication for learners at the Elementary level. The course focuses on equipping students with the necessary language tools to communicate effectively in their working lives, covering key business vocabulary and expressions, practical exercises, and role-plays that simulate real-life workplace scenarios.

The course also emphasizes cross-cultural communication and business etiquette, helping learners navigate cultural differences and adapt their communication style to work effectively with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds. By investing in this course, learners can gain the language proficiency and confidence needed to succeed in their professional lives.

Workplace communication with Business English 1 – Elementary

Workplace communication plays a vital role in the success of any professional. In today’s globalized business environment, English has become the lingua franca of international communication. To excel in the workplace, having strong English language skills is essential. This is where Business English 1 – Elementary comes into play

Learning Objectives

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  • Learners need to have background knowledge of English at level A1 (Elementary).
  • Learners need to have a computer or smartphone, high-speed internet, hands-free or headsets, a notebook
  • Learners will have group exercises during the session.

Target Audience

  • The learners who want to improve their English skills to work.
  • The learners who wish to work in an English-speaking society.
  • Adults over fifteen years old.
  • The learners who have future plans to immigrate and work in an English-speaking environment.

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